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Connecting Instagram

Learn how to connect your Instagram account to Splick.

By connecting your Instagram account to Splick you can easliy view analytics from your account, posts, and stories straight through our service. You’ll also get the opportunity to share your analytics with potential business partners for them to gain knowledge about your following to optimise your partnership.

The 4 steps to connecting

This is all you need to do in order to connect your Instagram account.

  1. Your Instagram account needs to be a business Instagram-account.

  2. Create a Facebook page.

  3. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

  4. Connect your Instagram account to Splick.

1. Changing your Instagram-account into a professional one

On Instagram, you can convert your personal profile to a business account to access features that can help you grow your business. To switch your profile to a business account:

  1. Go to your profile on the Instagram app and tap Menu in the upper right corner.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. For some accounts, the Switch to Professional Account option will be listed directly under Settings.

  4. Tap Account.

  5. Tap Switch to Professional Account.

  6. Tap Continue.

  7. Select a Category for your business and tap Done.

  8. Tap OK to confirm.

  9. Tap Business.

  10. Tap Next.

  11. Add Contact details and tap Next. Or tap Don’t use my contact info to skip this step.

  12. If you’d like, you can follow the steps to connect your business account to a Facebook Page associated with your business. This step is optional, and will make it easier to use all of the features available for businesses across the Facebook family of apps. At this time, only one Facebook Page can be connected to your business account.

  13. Tap X on the top right corner to return to your profile.

With a business account, you’ll be able to access insights that can help you understand who is engaging with your business on Instagram. You also have access to the Professional Dashboard, where you can track your performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram. You also have the option to display or hide your business category and contact information on your profile. After setting up, go to your profile and tap Edit Profile. Go to Profile Display under Public Business Information to choose whether you want to hide or display your category label and contact info. Then, tap Done.

2. Create a Facebook page

To connect your Instagram account to Splick you need to create a Facebook page.

  1. Open your Facebook profile.

  2. At the top of the homepage, select Create and choose Page.

  3. Name your Page.

  4. Add a category to describe your Page.

  5. Enter business information, such as address and contact information.

  6. Select Continue

  7. You can add a profile photo to your Page. If you add a photo, select Next. To complete this step later, select Skip.

  8. You can add a cover photo to your Page. If you add a photo, select Next. To complete this step later, select Skip.

  9. When you have completed the steps, select Next to go to your new Page.

3. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page

Keep in mind that you can only connect your profile from the Instagram app for Android or iOS devices. To link your Instagram account and Facebook profile:

  1. Tap profile or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

  2. Tap more options in the top right, then tap the settings icon.

  3. Tap Accounts center at the bottom, then tap Set up accounts center.

  4. Tap Add Facebook account and log in to or select the account you want to connect.

  5. Tap Yes, finish Setup.

  6. Select whether you want to sync your profile photo, then tap Continue.

4. Connect your Instagram account to Splick.

The last step is to connect your instagram account to Splick.

  1. Tap the "Social media accounts" link at the dashboard navigation menu.

  2. Tap the button labeled "Verify" at the connect instagram component.

  3. Follow the steps in the popup that appears

  4. Now your Instagram account is connected and you're done!