How it works

Our network is a place for affiliates and businesses to meet and cooperate. These cooperations are done with the help of affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link to a brands website that the affiliate can post on their instagram, youtube, snapchat or other channels. When the link is pressed by a follower and the follower makes a purchase the affiliate is rewarded with a cash payment for referring that customer.

The business

When a business joins Splick they let affiliates on our network advertise their products to their followers via their social media accounts. Our technology integrates with the businesses ecommerce platform to track sales and click data for the affiliate and business to see. When a sale occurs the affiliates is rewarded a commission payed by the business.

The affiliate

When an affiliate joins Splick they get access to all the brands in our network. The affiliate can then pick brands they want to advertise that resonate with what their followers like. Splick also makes it easy for brands and affiliate to communicate about new products and features.

All of this adds up to a powerful network and technology where brands and affiliates can grow and profit together. If you have questions about how to get started, suggestions on new brands you wish to see in on Splick or anything else please reach out to us on