Merchant billing
How it works

Using the Splick platform is free for merchants. However to get an influencer on the Splick platform to promote your products you need to offer the influencer a commission on the sales they generate to your store. The commission is normally around 10-40% of the order value, you decide the exact amount yourself when you set up a deal that influencers can join.

In order to create a deal you must first input a valid credit card in the Adyen payment gateway. After that you can start posting deals for influencers to join.

Once an influencer has generated a sale Splick will reserve an amount equal to the commission you offered that influencer in the deal you set up. For example if the commission amount in your deal is 20% and the influencer generates an order for $100 Splick will reserve an amount of $20 on your credit card.

After 30 days the payment will be released to the influencer if the order has not been disputed by the merchant. Common reasons for a merchant to dispute an order are returns, fraudulent payments or other unethical behaviour. If an order is disputed by the merchant Splick will act as a third party and review all available evidence submitted by the merchant.